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Replacing Luggage Wheels

Hi REI/Community -

I purchased a wheeled REI luggage bag back in 2012. I am not sure the model name (I can't find it on the website), so I attached a photo. The tread on the wheels have recently come off and I want to replace the wheels. I read elsewhere in the community postings that REI does not carry replacement wheels, but that other retailers have various sizes of wheels that would work as replacements. The problem is that I have been unable to remove the existing wheels. The bolt holding the wheel just turns. I unzipped the inside of the bag to find the nut to hold so the bolt could be removed, but the entire wheel section is covered in a plastic casing. Am I just out of luck or can these wheels be replaced? Any suggestions? 






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Thanks for reaching out, although we're sorry it's because you are having this issue trying to replace the wheels on your luggage. Unfortunately, even with the photos included (thank you for including them!), it is very challenging to try to diagnose a problem like this over the internet. It appears as though the casing surrounding the wheel is held in place by rivets. If that is the case, it would require some specialized equipment to remove (to get access to the wheel) and replace when finished. One option that may be available to you is to search for a luggage repair shop who may be able to provide the service you need to replace your wheels. It might also be worth checking with shoe repair shops who sometimes do this kind of work. They also may have suggestions of a different solution for you.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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