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recommendations for extraordinary outdoor activity for my birthday?

At the end of April it will be my birthday. I would like to do something unique and extraordinary outdoor activity. No matter the time or money.  

What do You guys recommend? 


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Hey, Happy early birthday. Here is a list of a few things I've found and others I thought of...

Unique outdoor activities I found:

  • coasteering
  • slacklining
  • sandboarding
  • mountainboarding

Things I can think of:

  • Backpacking the 100 mile wilderness section of the AT in Maine 
  • Hiking a mountain you have not hiked before
  • Try a new outdoor hobby ( if you don't already backpacking, bike-packing, hunting, and fishing are all great examples.)
  • Take a camping trip and visit a State or National Park.
  • White water rafting
  • canoe camping
  • Try a step into fly-fishing (a somewhat more relaxing version of fishing in my opinion.)
  • Consider exploring a different state.
  • Goat yoga or hike
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Nordic Walking
  • Hike in the dark
  • Lastly, consider hiring a registered experienced guide for some sort of adventure (it helps small business and helps ensure safety.)

Hope you find something fun to do for your birthday, happy adventures. 


do an onsight 5.13d.  That would probably be fairly extraordinary.

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What day is your birthday? Mines the 25th of April and I’m turning 40! So I’m going to run a 40k to celebrate the 40 years around the sun! Join me?! What about a hike or a walk of the length of your years of celebration in miles or kilometers? 

We loved a 7 day loop in the backcountry of Yosemite. The outfitter had camps along the way & used mules for the gear. We simply hiked & learned about the history, botany, etc. my 7 days across Ireland in a similar manner was linked by COVID. Driving a camper van around New Zealand is awesome; they really embrace it down there.

well, obviously, the correct answer is, pay for a tandem parachute jump.

Now wait...don't go away just yet.  Statistically they are extremely safe.

The thrill is almost 'un-top-able) (unbeatable)!

You'll be so proud of yourself, it's an unbelievable self esteem boost.  After that 'high' , get it? you'll feel like you can accomplish anything!

All my jumps in the Army were night jumps...because I always had my eyes closed! lol, I kill myself, I love that old joke!

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#1) Parachute jump, preferably solo. My brother and I gave this as a gift to ourselves for Christmas years ago. I think there are a couple of companies that were doing tandem jumps in the nation but not very many. Tandem is for losers. Now that's a story I can tell another day. The story begins with: I had to climb out the door and stand on the wheel before I could jump.

#2) Jump off of a cliff. For my 45th birthday I was back at Pinecrest Lake, a teenage summer haunt, and I jumped off the ~45'+ high cliff. I hadn't jumped it since I was 15. I hadn't jumped off anything that high in about 10 years. I have jumped off of a 65 ft cliff.

Everyone at the cliffs, teenagers everywhere like forever, sang a LOUD "Happy Birthday" to me. Off I went to cheers and astonishment to all the young studs who hadn't dropped their marbles far enough to jump yet. Embudo! 

I reccomend Hiking on a glacier and camping on it in alaska, and attempting to see the northern lights.

Kyle M |
Have a Great Day, and make your best adventure yet.

When I finally got my Masters, my wife stuck me in the cockpit of a restored WWII fighter, and sent me up for full combat aerobatics.  They let me fly the plane, but soon took it back to show me what that old prop plane could really do.  Loops, rolls, dives, everything except real guns and an opponent.  We pulled a little over four Gs a couple of times, and screamed past the airport tower a mere 20 feet off the ground at over 300 mph!  One of the most amazing things I've ever done even to this day.  They drained my adrenal glands dry;  my knees were wobbling so much I could barely walk when we landed.  And I was ready to go right back up.


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I gave my dad a glider flight for his 65th birthday and he made me come along with him. He paid the difference just so I could come along. You have to sit very close to your father in the single seat behind the pilot in a glider. Good thing we are both thin hikers!