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Need best route Los Angeles to Cocoa Florida with Camping stops in route

Don't want to make my trip/drive longer but would like to be able to stop at few great places to tent overnight.

All suggestions welcome 🙂

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Interstates tend to favor low, flat ground as much as possible.  There is not as much flat ground along I 40 (Thank heavens for Flagstaff!) but it is still an interstate experience.  Along both I 10 and I 40, there is lots of interesting country - - the Chiricahua Mountains in SE Arizona especially come to mind, as well as the Really Fine Canyon north of Flagstaff, but you must leave the interstate to experience them.


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thank you👍


@Slyfoxxx I'm not sure if you've heard of , but they're a website that has a decent record of different campsites (most are free) and they just added this nifty new feature that shows you all the campsites it knows of when you type in a starting and destination point. I'm using it from my trip from Florida to Maine this summer!

Good travels!

Besides that