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Helloooooo! Favorite places, hikes or activities?!

Hi everyone!!

I just joined the conversations because I thought it would be a cool way to hear new stories, find some new places to explore and get some great tips from more experienced adventurers 🙂

I LOVE trying new things.  If I haven't been there or haven't tried it, I want to.  What are some of your favorite places, hikes or activities?! I also really love to travel, so I would love to meet & chat with people from all over to find new must see/dos!

Hope you all are staying wild 🦁


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Na Pali Coast (Kalalau) Trail is a 22 mile trail located near Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii, features a waterfall and is recommended for experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

Trail Length: 22.0 mi / Elevation gain 6,177 ft.

Years after my divorce, I still had an emptiness in my heart, and struggled within of being without a partner in life, to share the future.

Deciding of a complete change of scenery from the Pacific Northwest, I booked a flight to an unfamiliar destination, attempting to heal the emptiness….Kauai, Hawaii.

Only after landing, renting a car, and scouting this island paradise, did I realize Kauai was the ideal location to share a wedding honeymoon experience. Great choice Marc! 😞

After getting settled at a modest seaside condo rental, I traveled to the north side of the island, to hike a highly recommended trail.

Late in the afternoon, I embarked at the trailhead, paralleling the coastline westward through the lush tropical vegetation.

About an hour later, I found myself at an elevated clearing, alone, surrounded by the tropical island greenery, a spectacular vista overlooking a vast area of the Pacific Ocean, distant waves washing ashore several hundred feet below, and a refreshing salt air filled breeze coming up the hillside, all of which awakened my senses that had lay dormant for so long.

I sat on the trail for the next hour, taking in the solitude and sheer magnificence of Nature’s beauty, as sunset enhanced the moment with each passing minute.

With this unique experience, my spirit was healed, and found peace within of being alone, and lonely no longer.

Many years later, my new wife and I shared the Kalalau Trail experience together.


What a great story!  Sometimes the best stories come from our toughest times.  I am sorry you had to go through that, but it lead you to a great place, new adventures and a new partner!  I have been to Kauai and it's one of my favorite place on the planet so far.  The Na Pali coast is absolutely breathtaking.  Thank you for sharing!!


One of my favorite mainland destinations is the Gila Wilderness in new Mexico - beautiful pine forests, high mountains, and well watered.  Room for lots of multi day backpack trips.  The Gila is especially attractive if you live in Tucson or Phoenix summer heat and seek cool relief.

I have never encountered other groups on trails, other than the West Fork or Middle Fork - lots of room to roam and ramble!!

There are similar, somewhat smaller, mountain ranges in the Chiricahuas, White Mountains, and Huachucas - all good country!!

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@hikermorI agree! I really enjoyed my smoke shortened hike this past May/June and hope to return March/april-ish.

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I really like New Mexico and it's definitely not far from me 🙂  Thank you for the recommendations!