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Helloooooo! Favorite places, hikes or activities?!

Hi everyone!!

I just joined the conversations because I thought it would be a cool way to hear new stories, find some new places to explore and get some great tips from more experienced adventurers 🙂

I LOVE trying new things.  If I haven't been there or haven't tried it, I want to.  What are some of your favorite places, hikes or activities?! I also really love to travel, so I would love to meet & chat with people from all over to find new must see/dos!

Hope you all are staying wild 🦁


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So beautiful!! I have been to Oregon once but was not able to do any hiking.  I am ready to go back and explore!!


well, since you're already in Colorado, you can almost never leave the state or the bordering states, you're in playground central!

Maroon Bells 4 Pass Loop, outside of Aspen, always makes backpacker's top 10 list.

Utah has amazing NP's and wilderness playgrounds, including Grand Staircase Escalante.

Rocky Mtn NP is fantastic, reserve your campsites early.

Since you seem to be near or familiar with the Ouray area, the Weminuche wilderness is MASSIVE and beautiful.

Just south you have the great NF's and wilderness areas in NM.

And Ouray is only 6hrs from the grand canyon!

I'm so jealous...

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I am putting all the Utah parks on the list for sure!  Thank you.

Ouray is my favorite place in Colorado.  It is so beautiful and such a cute little town.  I have hiked some of the 14ers near that area and stay there or Lake City when we go down there 🙂



Wow, US has some incredible nature to enjoy! A plan to visit US is in the back of my mind as I would like to visit my family in Iowa, and visit the area in NYC where my grandparents had an bakery.

Now, when it comes to favorite hikes, Scandinavia is my "playground". In the north of Norway we have a plateau with the approximately same size of Europe when combining Finland, Sweden and Norway. As I love to fish, good fishing locations is one of the main criteria, especially to chase the beautiful arctic char. Secondly, I love the open, naked, harsh, flat and endless landscape the highlands provide. It's like life it self just clinging to existent! I have no idea why I like this so much. Maybe gens? Maybe the challenging conditions? 

Finland.jpgGolite.jpgNikke 2.jpgNikke.jpgRøye 2.jpgRøye.jpg


@Paalbaal Wow!

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Thanks Phil! Means a lot!


What’s the name of that lake/area? Going to take a peek at maps! 


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Sorry for the late reply!

Type "Nabar" in "søk i norgeskart" in this link: Or use your favorite online map.

Nabar is the area, and there's quite a few lakes that holds fantastic char.

All the best.


@Paalbaalmany thanks! will do, right now!

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Gorgeous! I have always wanted to visits - thanks for sharing the great pictures.