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Have you traveled on Amtrack w bikes to big nature spots?

I would love to hear about people's experiences traveling to National Parks or otherwise awesome nature spots (especially focusing on anything west of Denver) using Amtrack! Thanks in advance:) 

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I have taken Amtrak to NP many, many times.  Too many to count.  I love the sleeper cars and they don't charge baggage fees.  No issues for me checking strollers, bikes, skis, or car seats in any of the times I have gone.  None have ever been damaged either.

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Hi @britttttany - Thanks for reaching out! This sounds like such a fun plan. 

Like @Diesseldorf, I have used the train countless times to get to outdoor ventures, with lots of gear in-tow. There are some specifications of which bikes can be brought as carry-ons vs checked — lots of good info can be found the on Bring Your Bike Onboard the Train page.

I'm not sure if you're definitely starting in Denver or how long you want your travels to be, but if you're looking for suggestions, two of my Amtrak trips that standout are:

  • Big Bend National Park using the Alpine, TX train station
  • Jasper National Park with Amtrak from the US to Vancouver then using Rocky Mountaineer (Canadian service) — this one would depend on current open/closed border status with Canada

Let us know where you end up going or if you have any more questions!

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