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Does anyone else collect national / state park patches? If so, how do you store them?

Does anyone else collect national / state park patches (or summit patches etc)? If so, how do you store them?

I'm having trouble trying to find a binder to store them but I'd love to add them to an album and accompany the patch with my favorite photos from the trip.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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I actually sow them to my pack.


I ended up going with pins.  I have a bag that I use everyday (for non-hiking purposes) that's covered with them.  I initially started with patches, but quickly ran out of places to sew them.  The pins were way smaller and allowed me to keep all of them on one bag.


I just worked on this last weekend.  I purchased a "shadow box" from a local craft store.  The patches are pinned inside in the approximate order I visited the parks.  I have this hanging in my home office. 

Good luck.



I use a CD binder case to store my fabric patches.  Each individual sleeve can also hold photographs, up to about 4.5-inch square.Repurposed CD binder to store patchesRepurposed CD binder to store patches

To expand on this idea, how about using a 3-ring binder as a basic structure?  To which, you can add pages, re-arrange pages, insert CD pages for your patches, or photo pages.  Maybe, add cardstock paper, punch holes, tape on it receipts and other trip reminders.



I did a quick google search after reading your post as I was intrigued.  One of the things that caught my eye was making a cloth or canvas book.  You can either sew in the patches or use velcro to move them around.  I liked the book idea because then you can do the patch on one side and then a picture or two on the opposing page.  There are some cool options for transferring pictures to canvas as well. 

Good Luck!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

We got an inexpensive fleece blanket and sewed them to that.  Functional display!  We don't limit them to state or national parks;  anywhere we go is fair game, if we can find a patch.  Especially like the patches from small unknown places or attractions.

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