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Coat recommendation for a winter trip to the Yukon Territory.

I will be spending a week this coming January in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, hoping to experience great Northern Lights.

Currently only have a light winter jacket.

Wondering if one of the jackets for sale in the most recent Outlet 20% off one item sale might do well for this (with layers).

Would also appreciate knowing your possibly-non-sale recommendation.

Thanks.   JCO

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Thanks for reaching out!

This sounds like an amazing trip! I had the good fortune of living in Fairbanks, Alaska and I can tell you that there is really nothing quite like the Aurora Borealis. Even after 6 years of living in Alaska I never got tired of seeing the northern lights. I wish you clear skies and lots of solar activity!

The most important key to staying warm in the types of conditions you'll be facing is layering. This Expert Advice article, Layering Basics, has a lot of good information that is worth checking out. For winter in the Arctic, you'll want to follow that guide, and then, instead of the waterproof rain/wind layer, you'll want to make that an insulated/puffy layer like the ones linked below. One thing you'll also want to think about is the ability to close or cinch down as many of the openings on the jacket as possible. A draft collar at the neck, cinches at the wrists, and a waist closure will do wonders for keeping your heat inside the jacket where you want it. You'll be shocked at how fast -40º F air can seep into your layers! 

We do have several options on our REI-Outlet site that should work well for you as an insulated/puffy outer layer. Take a look at a few of these jackets:

If you'd like to see some other options, take a look at these:

Hopefully this helps, don't hesitate to reach out with any other questions you may have!

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