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Clothes for Kenya Safari in July

I am headed to Kenya in July and we are only allowed 44 lbs total with carry on and checked. Trying to plan layers but wondering what the best layering and outfits are for Kenya in July. Never been so I’m a bit overwhelmed. It could be cooler, but then headed to Zanzibar afterwards where it will be warmer. Any insight, packing list, opinions on which particular clothes/shoes to bring would be so appreciated. I’m stressing as I want to bring my camera equipment but afraid that’ll take up too much. 

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the weight limit is a great concern.

so to understand the total, you'll have a checked bag?  I'm guessing 50lb limit.

carry on and personal item, both of which no real limit but needs to fit into the metal frame tester thing by the gate.

the layering of clothing is a great strategy.

I would highly recommend clothing that have the quick dry material, there are several brand names for it.

its way more comfortable with sweat than say cotton which ends up just holding moisture.

for the real heavy items or bulky, a strategy to use is wear them on the plane and just put it into your overhead bin.  if your going for a long time, you may want to consider buying one of those portable manual clothing washing devices if you wont have access to laundry facilities.

whats your camera situation?


I would talk the folks running the safari and listen to what they have to say.  I would also research for youtube videos and research the weather.

a trick you might consider, put on a few of your heaviest layers at weigh in time, then take off and put in your carry on bag (coat, rain jacket, sweater, base layers, heaviest shoes/boots)

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a quick search came up with this kenyan safari outfitter packing tips


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