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Backpacking Laugavegur (hot springs) trail in Iceland

I couldn't recommend this backpacking trip more!  Just did it - BACKPACKING in July 2019.  Total costs (@$600) not incl airfare.

You have the options of staying in the huts and/or have somebody deliver your stuff each day to the next hut (camp or hut), but we were BACKPACKING.

The trail is VERY easy, allow 5 nights in tent.  1 night at each end and 3 in the middle. Never a need to carry more than 1 liter, so pack weight is very low.  No bears. A little over 30 miles.

Scenery is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC.  Shameless plug for my youtube video, or video of just pictures

Again, I recommend backpacking the trail.

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Iceland's Laugavegur Trail (Hotsprings Trail) from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork 1-5 July 2019. Backpacking
Backpacking Icelands famous Laugavegur Trail, from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork. July 1-5, 2019
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I wholeheartedly agree. Backpacked the trail 6 years ago, and it was one of the top experiences of my life. Quite chilly, even in August, so need to pack with a warm sleeping bag and carry layers. We also had nearly a full day of incessant freezing rain. Still gloriously beautiful. 

no kidding, 90F at home and I'm trying to follow the iceland weather forecasts, with temps dipping into the 30's in the morning, rains, and don't forget the winds!  It was glorious!  I caved in, didn't even attempt to 'go light', packed for a full-on winter hike, with the rains usually not associated with winter!!  Glad I did.  That said, of the 4 days of actual walking, only 1 day was the rain/sleet blasting (all day), but...the sun shone on the rest of the days, so the cameras were working overtime!

I was worried more about the travel logistics, travel to/from airport to hostel, travel to/from downtown Reykjavik to trailhead, then back to airport.  Purchased the tickets on-line for everything before leaving the states.

Missed bus to airport, almost missed flight.  The downtown bus stop confusing, and if you're not standing in the exact spot, driver just rolls in and rolls out!

I think I'd do it again.

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It's a shame that WOW Air went out of business.  I used them to visit Northern England and Scotland last fall, and since they were so inexpensive, had begun to plan (at least in my mind) a trip to Iceland, if even for an extended weekend.

While an Icelandic adventure is still on my bucket list, it's back to the drawing board.

@Philreedshikes , your descriptions and videos have kinda sealed the deal (again, at least in my mind).

Thanks for sharing!

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