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Additional Activities in Moshi, Tanzania

I am traveling to Moshi, Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro. Due to COVID testing restrictions and wait time, I had to extend my trip an additional 4 days. I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations or good experiences on activities or companies to book with for day trips or short multi-day safaris. 

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Hey, I would recommend you walk around Moshi a little bit and explore the town. Its safe, just make sure you use common sense and are back at the hotel before it gets dark. I attached a map below. The Union Coffee shop is a good place to eat and hang out (Its written on the map and located at Arusha Road & Selous Street). A good place to souvenir shop is the Blue Zebra (its a legit place) and that is in a shopping center located at Rindi Lane and Boma Road. Keep in mind not all the road signs will likely be present, so make sure you print this map and use it as a reference. Uhuru Park is a nice quiet place to visit and hang out in (its a good break from walking around). Be aware that Market Street is a Market Place lol as well as where the bus terminal is located so I found there to be a lot of people over there that try to sell you things and will walk around with you....sometimes for a while hoping to sell you something. In my opinion, avoid the area around the bus terminal if you can.

In regards to short trips, you can arrange for someone to take you to Materuni Waterfall that's just outside of Moshi. Its a cool day hike about an hour or so to falls (with a local guide) and see people that truly live off the land along the way. I had the opportunity to see how they harvest coffee and make it from scratch as well. This day trip was offered by my guide for Kilimanjaro, Ultimate Kilimanjaro. 

Have a great trip! Also, just a quick tip...on the summit day, make sure you plan on using "Nalgene" type bottles for water....the hose on the hydration systems will freeze after a while.Moshi Map.JPG