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11 Days in Hawaii - where to go? what to do?

It's my first time visiting Hawaii and I have no idea where to go, or what to do, while I am there. So far, I only have my flights planned, which land and depart on two different islands. 

How should I spilt my time between the islands? I fly into Oahu (3/27) and fly out of the Big Island (4/9), giving me 11 full-days. Would it be possible to visit a third island, either Maui or Kauai? The more research I do, the more I'd like to visit one of those islands. 


Where should I go and what should I do? While I am open to anything that Hawaii has to offer, my experience is with hiking. I've only done one multi-day trip along the Tolovaca river in Alaska and found it to be challenging (but very enjoyable). I'm not sure how to assess my skill level, so I am posting the trail map below. 

Tolovana Springs HikeTolovana Springs Hike

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Let me suggest you visit this web page:  It will give you brief summaries of the various National park Service areas in Hawaii and the cultural and natural resources they protect and explain.  You can go to the web sites of individual areas for further info.  Volcanoes at Hawaii national park are erupting currently and Covid-19 is restricting some activities.  There should be plenty of hiking opportunities at various levels and you will be able to obtain up to date advice.

No idea about intra island transport, but I imagine it is fairly frequent and available.

Big NPS fan here (most of the time) -retired after 42 years in the grey and green.

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@mevrard - Thanks for bringing this question to the community! It sounds like you have quite an amazing trip ahead. @hikermor's suggestion to look at what the National Park Service protects is a great suggestion. If you're interested in volcanoes, while you're on the Big Island I suggest going to the Kilauea volcano at night. It was a very impressive sight to see!

You may also want to take a look at this previous post, Hawaiian Hikes. We also hope that some other community members with experience in Hawaii will weigh in. @Karenwest@kdlea@rafat@tohlman@happyhiker@MynameisKay - do you all have any highlights from your time in Hawaii that you want to share?

For inter-island transport, there are ferries, helicopters, and boats to choose from, but the most common method is to get on a plane. The flight hub is Oahu, where Honolulu International Airport is. You can find more information on traveling inter-island on the Traveling Inter-Island page of It can be easy to want to see everything while you're there, but remember that travel days tend to take a lot of time/energy, so try to keep that in mind when adding things to your itinerary. You might end up seeing more if you choose to stay in fewer places. 

We hope this is a good start. Let us know if you have any additional questions and we'll be happy to help! 

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