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Hike #22, on May 22, 2022

Or, should I have titled this "Catch 22"?  Oh, wait, that title is already taken...

OK...seriously, that was not planned.  It was just random chance.  In fact, I hadn't even realized the coincidence until filling out my tracking spreadsheet today.  And looking back at it now, it strikes me as a bit uncanny.

It was 90+F and humid, and we were trekking on an infrequently used and little maintained section of the Mason Dixon trail system, running along Oakland Run, which feeds into the Susquehanna River, just upstream of the Holtwood Dam.  It felt almost as if hiking through a jungle environment.  Because of the heat and humidity, and threat of thunderstorms, we cut it to only 4 miles, with 712 ft in total elevation.  We beat the thunderstorms, but ended up as wet with sweat as we would have gotten in the rain.  Still a great day to be out on the trail.


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