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About Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are designed to provide a wide range of motion through four-way stretch, reduce friction and wick moisture. They feature panel construction and a padded crotch liner to make sitting on a bike seat more comfortable. They're similar to compression shorts for running.

If you're planning more than casual rides around the neighborhood, bike shorts are a great investment to make your longer rides more comfortable.

How to Pick Bike Shorts

As you decide what to wear on a bike ride, selecting the right pair of cycling shorts depends on your riding conditions. For commuting or road cycling, panel construction improves fit, while a padded bike short liner minimizes friction and wicks sweat. Many road riders prefer cycling bib shorts that have suspenders attached to help keep the shorts in place.

Mountain bike shorts have a looser outer short over the form-fit interior. The waist fastens via buttons or hook-and-loop strap instead of elastic. They often feature pockets. Overall, they let you carry more gear and are less focused on reducing wind drag like traditional bike shorts.

For women, be sure to look at women's bike shorts and mountain bike shorts, or consider a bike skirt or skort, where a skirt covers in the inner short giving you more flexibility to transition from riding to everyday life.

If you're looking for more coverage, consider bike pants or cycling tights.

Why Shop at REI

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