Wallace Lake Collection 2018

our collection of co-op classics, 80 years in the making

Wallace Lake Collection 2018

our collection of co-op classics,
80 years in the making

The clothes that are featured in the Wallace Lake collection.

apparel inspired by our co-founders, designed with the mountains in mind

In the fall of 1929, our co-founders took a trip to Wallace Lake, WA. It was one of many inspirational moments that led to the foundation of the co-op. And, looking back, apparently it was kind of a date too.

A stack of flannel shirts stacked on a cooler.

flannel for all

With prints and patterns based on some of the original products, we've re-created some staples that were there at the start. Who knows, the shirt could last another 80 years, making it the ideal hand-me-down.

Woman wearing a green jacket.

redesigned. reproduced.
remastered. re-everything.

A perfect replica of our 1972 High Country Parka. And a redesigned rucksack, based on the original co-op staple from 1958. We dug through the archives and created some things to celebrate our 80-year anniversary.

A rucksack next to two jackets.

made to be worn out

We consider these clothes to be all-terrain apparel, and we designed them to be worn wherever you want. Whether you're daydreaming about the trail over beers at the bar, or getting out there after work – we've got you covered.

a little bit of this and a lot of that

Every item in the Wallace Lake Collection is strong enough to stand up to whatever you throw at it, yet soft enough to have that warm and fuzzy feeling we search for all fall.

sourcing from a surplus

In 1929, and for many years after, outdoor enthusiasts found their apparel at Army & Navy surplus stores. We took some inspiration from technical pieces of that time, and re-created quality items to fit today's style.

Juniper Ridge x REI

Juniper Ridge creates products that embody the places they come from. We joined forces to feature essential oil, body wash and incense that captures the essence of the Cascades. So even if you can't get there, you can have something that makes you feel like you already arrived.

Five people gathered around a campfire.

heading out

Even if you don't live near Wallace Lake, or any lake for that matter, we believe there's outdoor places across this country capable of leaving a lasting impact. That's why we designed these clothes to take you there and back.