13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

Zombie outbreaks happen. This infographic provides an overview of the 13 essential pieces of equipment you’ll need as well as step-by-step illustrations demonstrating critical zombie survival skills.

zombie infographic

Zombie Survival Gear

The 13 Essentials:
Are you prepared for the next outbreak? Make sure to keep this gear at the ready. Also, learn the five critical skills that’ll help keep you from becoming a snack for ravenous hordes of flesh-eating ghouls.

1. Hydration backpack: Keep one step ahead of the horde. Stay hydrated on the go.

2. Energy foods: If you want to stay alive, keep your energy levels high.

3. Stormproof matches: They light up no matter how horrifying the weather.

4. Mini playing cards: Great for playing poker with fellow survivors. When your friends are gone, there’s always solitaire.

5. Survival knife: When the dead walk the earth, make a sharp blade your new best friend.

6. Moleskin/first aid: One blister is more dangerous to you than ten zombies. Apply moleskin immediately.

7. Tactical flashlight: Handy for scouting dark locations and can temporarily disorient an approaching zombie.

8. Hand-crank radio: Scan the airways for the latest updates about safe zones. No batteries required.

9. Utility cord: Early zombie detection system. Set up trip-wire alarms around your campsite.

10. Signal mirror: Be ready to flash one when the rescue shopper flies overhead.

11. Insulated vest: Allows excellent range of motion for chores such as chopping up wood and zombies.

12. Cast-iron skillet: Cooking tool and a blunt instrument with awesome zombie-stopping power.

13. Trail running shoes: Move fast to avoid the walkers. Trail shoes provide stability and support on a wide variety of terrain. Don’t give zombies anything to eat. Stay on your feet.

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