Pray for Snow Parties: Hang With Us or Host Your Own

Throw on your retro skiwear and let’s bring on those positive vibes for the ski and snowboard season. Pray for Snow, our traditional snow-summoning party, is back and better than ever. This year, we’re throwing eight events (see below). The parties are retro themed and feature our traditional Twinkie Roasts and bonfires, with beer at select events.

You’re invited to our 2018 Pray for Snow parties! See individual stores for more details.

Can’t make one of ours? Host your own Pray for Snow party. Here’s a handy guide:

1. Raid the thrift store, or maybe just your attic.

Retro ski attire is a must for this throwback party. Make sure all of your friends know the deal too—you don’t want to be the only one with a puffy snowsuit and skinny skis.

2. Grab the grub.

What’s a party without food to munch on and drinks to sip? Serve pizza and nachos  to evoke that ski-lodge coziness. And you can whip up these three hot drinks to stay warm all through the night. Or day. Because this is one party you can host at any hour.

3. Get your playlist ready.

Rock the old-school favorites so everyone can sing along. We’d even suggest rigging up that old karaoke machine you have gathering dust in the basement. Don’t have a playlist readily available? Our friends at Spotify have just the thing.

4. Add a campfire for a little panache.

Parties are better when they’re lit by flickering flames. Revel in the warmth and soft light in your backyard or on the beach. Just remember to build campfires safely and responsibly—always use a fire ring or fireplace.

5. Roast some Twinkies.

In order to properly appease the snow gods, we’ve learned that you have to sacrifice something. A Twinkie, to be exact. It’s an REI tradition, heralding from ye olden days of the ’70s. We get really into it—once we even burned a unicorn made of Twinkies. You’ll dig it too. Don a cape, grab some twinkies and torch them (safely and responsibly, of course). You’ll thank us when the flurries start to fall.

6. Bust out the ski flicks.

Get ready to shred some gnar. The best way to get stoked is to throw on the flicks and cheer on your heros. We’ll be screening Teton Gravity Research’s newest ski film, Far Out, at our parties, so you might want to get additional inspiration by reading about one of the stars (he’s 12) or finding out exactly how ski movies are made.

7. Set up your DIY ski waxing table.

Although snow is already slippery, having an equally slippery ski or snowboard is the best way to shred. Wondering why? We have the answer. Plus, a way to make your own self-contained, portable waxing table and help all your friends get ready for the season ahead.


For the finishing touches, read an abbreviated history of modern ski tech and shop snowsports gear at


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