Trail Boss: No Such Thing as Free Lunch

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Watch Jeff Lenosky tame one of the rowdiest trails on Colorado's Western Slope

Sizeable ledges, puckery A-lines and no shortage of awkward, high consequence maneuvers make Grand Junction's Free Lunch a natural fit for an episode of Trail Boss, an MTB Project video series in which trials legend Jeff Lenosky seeks out and cleans unrideable trails. The big difference from previous installments of this uphill-heavy series? Free Lunch is downhill-only, so Lenosky was forced to attack its features at speed and in the opposite direction—proving he's every bit as smooth descending as he is climbing.

Thanks to its setting on Colorado's Western Slope—sandwiched between towering Rocky Mountain peaks to the east and redrock canyonlands to the west—Free Lunch also proves it's got more to offer than just adrenaline-pumping features. "You feel like you're on top of the world," says Lenosky of the panoramic high desert and mountain views afforded atop the Lunch Loops Trail System. "The views are just spectacular."

Ready to add Free Lunch to your To-Do List? Watch the video above to scout Lenosky's lines before heading over to MTB Project for all the maps, photos and trail information you need to conquer this chunky classic.

Follow trials riding champion Jeff Lenosky on his quest to clean the country’s toughest trails. Trail Boss S2:E3

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