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Climate Action

The President signs the REPLANT Act into law

This fall, thanks to you, Congress passed this historic bipartisan legislation to heal our national forests and harness their power to combat climate change. President Biden swiftly signed the bill into law.

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33,970 emails to Congress

We got it done! Cheers to the power of the Co-op.

  • 1.2 billion

    Trees to be planted

  • 75 million

    Metric tons of CO2 sequestered

  • 49 thousand

    Jobs to be created

Cooperative Action Network

The power of Cooperative Action.

Trees are one of nature's best solutions to climate change, as powerful sinks for atmospheric carbon. Yet today, our national forests are underfunded and increasingly threatened by climate-driven wildfires, drought, and pests.

Passed as part of the bipartisan infrastructure package in early November, the REPLANT Act will triple reforestation rates in our national forests, creating thousands of forestry-related jobs and spurring economic recovery in rural communities across the country. By planting 1.2 billion trees over the next decade, the REPLANT Act will help U.S. forests capture 75 million metric tons of carbon –  essentially erasing the use of 8.53 billion gallons of gasoline.

Today, we celebrate. Join us in Cooperative Action by thanking your Members of Congress for supporting our national forests.

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