Cruising through a residential neighborhood on an e-bike during a morning commute
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Let's pass the E-BIKE Act

A federal tax credit for e-bikes can make carbon-friendly transport more affordable for all.

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If 15% of today's carbon-emitting car trips were made by electric bicycles (e-bikes), America's carbon emissions would shrink by more than 11 percent.

That's because in addition to providing safe and convenient ways to get from place to place, battery-powered e-bikes displace carbon emissions from vehicles and lower pollution levels. E-bikes are increasingly popular for people looking to commute to work, run errands, or enjoy the outdoors without needing a car. But we need to make sure more people - of all income levels - can access and enjoy this form of low-carbon transport.

The E-BIKE (Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment) Act would offer a 30 percent tax credit of up to $1500 on the purchase of new e-bikes. It's time to build support for this exciting new bill that can make climate-friendly transport more affordable for everyone.

Take action today by telling Congress to pass the E-BIKE Act and make e-bikes more affordable for all.