Moss clings to the trunk of a pine tree in an old growth forest.
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Climate Action

Let nature do its thing.

Tell Congress to fund the outdoors and harness nature's best solutions to the climate crisis.

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Harness nature's best solutions

A deadly year of wildfires, hurricanes, drought and floods has made the urgency of today's climate crisis abundantly clear. Climate change is, beyond doubt, the largest existential threat to our ability to enjoy time outside.

Nature has solutions. The places where we love to recreate – parks, forests, mountains, grasslands, waters, and more – can help lessen the effects of weather extremes and can even bring carbon back down to earth when properly protected and managed. What's more, transportation alternatives like biking and running that lower carbon emissions can help advance our national climate strategy.

With federal action, we can harness the power of the outdoors to prevent the worst impacts of climate change through:

  • Reforestation and farm practices that conserve our lands and waters;
  • Wetland, shoreline and watershed restoration;
  • Carbon markets that reward farmers, ranchers, foresters, and other landowners for ecological stewardship; and
  • Transportation systems that connect people from their homes to work and play, without needing to use a car.

There's no time to waste. Take action by urging Congress to harness nature's best solutions to the climate crisis.