Managing Our Waste & Recycling

In 2008, REI began the process of redesigning our packaging for REI-brand clothing and gear to comply with new, more stringent packaging specifications (PDF).

These changes reduced the package volume, improved transportation efficiency and eliminated unwanted materials such as PVC clamshells. We also switched to all FSC-certified paper for hangtags and paperboard. In 2009, we completed design changes for all REI-brand products, including Novara bicycles and accessories.

Our goal: a 25% reduction in REI-brand product packing by 2012.

Here are a few other ways we're working toward our aspiration of zero waste-to-landfill by 2020:

  • Increasing recycling & recovery options for materials in our waste stream
    • These include partnerships with waste vendors and other retailers to expand recycling options in markets around the country
    • Composting food waste at our headquarters location
  • Working with our suppliers to design out waste materials that affect our business operations
    • For example, eliminating excess packaging such as plastic bags destined for the landfill
  • Working with the Outdoor Industry Association's Eco Working Group initiative to identify shared industry solutions that will reduce packaging waste throughout the supply chain.

Learn more about waste & recycling in our annual Stewardship Report