Skill Level

We have classes for every skill level, from novice to expert. These guidelines will help you select the skill level that's right for you.

(1) Beginner

If you've never had any previous experience with only been exposed to the activity or skill once or twice, this is the level for you. In these classes instructors focus on teaching you how to be comfortable along with the basic skills related to the activity.

Climbing: I can climb the jungle gym in the park or have tried climbing on an artificial wall once but don't know anything about the sport.

Paddling: I feel comfortable in the water but I've never been in a small boat like a canoe or kayak before

Hiking and Camping: I feel comfortable walking on well marked trails close to my home, but not exploring new trails. I'd like to learn the basics of camping

Navigating: I am intimidated by or have never used a topographical map, compass, or GPS.

Cycling: I've never ridden a bike or I know the basics of balancing but have difficulty shifting and braking.

(2) Intermediate

This level is for those who've learned the basic skills and understand the fundamentals of the activity, and can reasonably reproduce critical skills. More practice might be necessary to consider yourself competent, but you are ready for more in depth instruction.

Climbing: I can tie a figure eight knot, double back my harness, and can belay comfortably. I can comfortably climb 5.7 without much difficulty. I want to learn anchor building.

Paddling: I can get in and out of boats comfortably, I can hold a paddle properly, know some basic strokes, and I am relatively stabile on the water. I'm ready to learn rescue skills and navigation.

Hiking and Camping: I feel comfortable hiking and am beginning to explore some new trails with more challenging terrain. I've got a backpack and want to learn how to use it more often.

Navigating: I recognize the details on a map, though I still make mistakes reading them. I am starting to follow terrain features instead of always needing a trail. I can enter a waypoint into a GPS and can travel to it. I am starting to link waypoints to get to a location.

Cycling: I can shift, brake and reasonably climb and descend hills that aren't too steep or sustained. I am a bit uncomfortable on uneven surfaces and in traffic and still sometimes have trouble shifting on hills. When mountain biking I can manage small obstacles effectively and want to learn how to go over larger obstacles.

(3) Advanced

If you feel very confident in the foundational skills of this activity and are beginning to feel confident as an intermediate, this level is for you. In these courses you will gain advanced skills to deepen your knowledge base.

Climbing: I consider myself a climber, I know how to set up anchors on bolts but could use more practice learning how to set up using artificial protection. I'm interested in lead climbing, but a bit nervous.

Paddling: I feel comfortable doing a t-rescue and paddle float re-entry, and I am ready to, or have started to, work on my Eskimo roll. I would like to learn to paddle through the surf zone to go out into the open ocean.

Hiking: I feel comfortable out hiking on trails and have backpacked on my own. I'd like to learn how to go off trail.

Navigating: I use terrain features to navigate, and use my compass to measure and follow bearings without difficulty and to triangulate my position. I can build and follow complex routes on my GPS, utilize the track log to re-trace my steps, and understand how to use coordinates effectively. I am ready to learn to navigate off trail in the wilderness.

Cycling: I feel comfortable on a variety of terrain and off road. I have mountain biked on single tracks and maneuvered through obstacles, but still feel a bit uncomfortable with big obstacles and drops. I can ride on most urban streets, but busy intersections and lots of traffic still cause me concern.