Rock Climbing Technique Class

Description: Do you know the basics of rock climbing but want to improve your technique? If you've learned to belay and have some experience with basic climbing movement, this is your chance to learn more advanced skills. Join one of our rock climbing instructors for a small-group in-store coaching session and take your climbing to the next level! Prerequisite: Rock Climbing Basics or equivalent experience.

Skills you'll learn:

Customers will become more confident in their climbing movement. Movement technique focus: edging, smearing, laybacks, balance, weight shifting, etc. Customers will become more confident in their belaying skills.

Check out the gear list.

Required Legal Form:
This course requires the participant to read and sign a liability release form before participating. Please see "Required Legal Form" for the session you are registering for. You will need to print, sign and bring the form to your class.

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Rock Climbing Technique Class Information

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Rock Climbing Technique Class Gear List

Gear to bring to class:


  • None


  • None

Gear provided by REI:

  • Climbing Helmet
  • Climbing Harness
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Belay Device