Avalanche Transceiver Class


Description: The Avalanche Transceiver Class is a class targeting the winter backcountry traveler. Whether you ski, snowshoe, snowboard, or snowmobile, acknowledgment of avalanche danger, along with proper use of an avalanche transceiver, can be a crucial lifesaving skill. This 2.5 hour session explains how an avalanche transceiver works and will go into further detail of their function after avalanche incident--the very time when seconds count. The class is not intended to replace hands-on avalanche education such as an Avalanche Level 1 course. If you're interested in how transceivers work, need a more focused look at transceivers, or are interested in refreshing your skills on transceiver use, this is an excellent class.

Skills you'll learn:

  • Understand the primary function of an avalanche transceiver
  • Be able to understand the basics of Signal Search, Course Search and Pinpoint Search
  • To locate one transceiver in a timely fashion

Avalanche Transceiver Class Information

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