Advanced Rock Climbing Rescue

Description: Advanced Rock Climbing Rescue skills no climber should be without: getting yourself out of tricky situations and assisting others when professional help is unavailable. You'll learn how to ascend, haul 3:1 and 5:1, lower injured climbers, pass a knot on a lower, and rapell with injured climbers. Please bring your harness. Practicing with your own equipment will better prepare you for real situations. REI Outdoor School can provide climbing gear if you don't have your own. Prerequisite: Rock climbing experience and basic rock rescue skills (Rock Climbing Rescues Class) or equivalent experience.

Skills you'll learn:

  • Learn anchor positioning for rescues
  • Learn hauls from a top belay
  • Learn lowering from a top belay
  • Learn passing a knot on a lower
  • Learn rapelling with injured climbers

Required Legal Form:
This course requires the participant to read and sign a liability release form before participating. Please see "Required Legal Form" for the session you are registering for. You will need to print, sign and bring the form to your class.

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