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Innovative Smith sunglasses, goggles
and helmets deliver functional style
for a variety of outdoor sports.

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About Smith

Orthodontist Dr. Bob Smith turned his attention to eyewear in the early '60s, when he began making snow goggles in his Sun Valley, Idaho, home. The local consensus: the skiing was even better when outfitted with Dr. Smith's inventions.

Smith Eyewear was officially launched in 1965, and today we wouldn't think of going outside without a pair of the good doctor's polarized sunglasses for protection.

True to the company's roots, Smith continues to make high-performance ski goggles and has expanded its lines to offer ski helmets and snowboarding gear such as snowboard goggles and snowboard helmets that buffer your brain from bruises and bumps.

Don't leave the little ones out in the cold. Smith does kids' gear too, including helmets for your budding skiers and 'boarders.

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