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Get out there! SmartWool Merino
wool clothing takes you far beyond
snow season. Plus, it's soft,
comfortable and odor resistant.

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About SmartWool

Made of the finest merino wool, SmartWool socks, sweaters and clothing are not only soft and comfortable, they're also odor-resistant, making SmartWool a smart and versatile choice for hiking, cycling or running.

Once upon a time, frustrated by cold feet and the drawbacks of old-school wool, two New England skiing instructors teamed up to create a new breed of wool footwear: warm, itch-free and easy-care. Thus SmartWool socks were born, and with them the company's ongoing campaign for comfortable feet.

Today, SmartWool specializes in socks to keep your feet happy and warm during every outdoor activity—from outdoor fitness pursuits like running and walking, to snowboarding, cycling and cross-country skiing.

No need to knit your own baby booties any more—SmartWool offers a complete line of babies' and kids' items that include whimsical socks, adorable hats and comfortable long underwear that will last and last.

Another debt of gratitude due SmartWool: Now men's and women's wool clothing can be stylish, even outside Scandinavia. Sleek women's sweaters and men's sweaters feel great, look great, and will outperform Grandpa's moth-eaten old cable-knit any day.

Women's underwear and men's underwear (long and otherwise) passes the itch test beautifully and, thanks to the natural merino fibers, is surprisingly odor-resistant.

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