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About Patagonia

There's a certain mystique about Patagonia. This company from Ventura, California, makes men's, women's, kids' and infants & toddlers' outdoor clothing, plus has tales to tell. From its founding story and impressive environmentalism to its hard-working, stylish outdoor clothing, footwear, daypacks and bags, Patagonia seems to do it all. It’s like the popular kid has a great heart, too.

It all began when Yvon Chouinard started the company in the early '70s. He learned how to rock climb as a teenage falconry club member and eventually began making and selling climbing equipment. Today, Patagonia makes clothing, footwear, daypacks and bags to match skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and more outdoor fitness adventures.

One of the nice things about Patagonia products is their versatility. Often what works on your next hiking adventure also fits in around town, including women's jackets, women's shirts, women's pants and even skirts and dresses.

Patagonia's recycling program adds to their green cred. Many of their products, including a substantial number of Patagonia men's jackets, men's shirts, men's underwear and men's pants, can be recycled through the company's Common Threads Initiative.

Patagonia even has waterproof and always stylish options for men’s and women’s sandals, hiking/backpacking boots, running shoes and casual footwear ready for all sorts of adventure.

Patagonia helps keep kids warm and dry, too. They offer rainwear and outerwear for boys and girls, plus skiwear and snowboard clothing that ups kids’ comfort in the great outdoors. (Don’t be jealous, moms and dads. Patagonia’s clothing line is chock-full of men’s and women’s all-weather clothing, too.)

And then there’s Patagonia’s lineup of daypacks and laptop bags. Designed with convenience and back support in mind, these luggage pieces will maximize your stash for daytrips to the office or trail.

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