Results for "Chameleon 4 Ventilator Hiking Shoes"

Results for "Chameleon 4 Ventilator Hiking Shoes"

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About Merrell

Merrell boots for men and women were inspired by the fit of traditional cowboy boots, with their generous toe boxes and snug-fitting heels. Randy Merrell began crafting hiking boots in 1981. It wasn't long before he had a 6-month-long waiting list and a footwear revolution on his hands.

In 1983, the fast-growing company was the first to incorporate Gore-Tex® into Merrell men's footwear and women's footwear, and in the years since has pioneered many other technical advances in men's backpacking and hiking boots and women's backpacking and hiking boots.

Burly backpacking boots soon spawned versatile outdoor fitness shoes, and Merrell men's casual footwear, including multi-sport footwear, now roams from urban streets to the highest peaks.

Women won't get lost in the shuffle at Merrell, where there's a huge selection of women's casual footwear and multisport footwear that combine substance and style.

Give the younger generation a leg up with Merrell kids' footwear, built solid to carry them from one outdoor adventure to the next.

At REI you'll find top-rated and top-selling footwear from Merrell, plus plenty of sale & clearance deals and bargains.